• Time Limit Removed From Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial

    In a world many gamers would describe as a 'post-MMO era', Final Fantasy XIV sure is doing pretty well for itself. However, one barrier to entry that has persisted from the beginning is its required paid subscription with no free tier available, unlike the majority of other popular MMOs. While it's unlikely the game will go fully free-to-play any time soon, for anyone eager to jump into Eorzea but strapped for cash, Square Enix has just opened the floodgates for new and returning players.

    Starting today, anyone can log into Final Fantasy XIV using the free trial client and play up to level 35 with absolutely no time restriction. While it won't exactly get you very far into the game, it's nice to know that Eorzea's gates are now locked to no one. You can even participate in our very own Free Company whether you own a subscription or not!

    The Final Fantasy XIV free trial is available on PC here and here and on PS4 here. While there's been no official word as to the PS3 version supporting this same feature, it likely applies to all platforms.
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    1. sly's Avatar
      sly -
      No excuses, everyone log on now or else.
    1. FinalxxSin's Avatar
      FinalxxSin -
      I tried FFXIV out in the past, and got bored of it after a few hours. While I don't mind watching game play from other people of it here and there, it is a game that isn't for me.
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