• Reclaim your Cup Noodles

    Man, aren't Nissin's Cup Noodles amazing? Gladiolus seems to think so, which is why Final Fantasy XV has a whole side quest chain dedicated to these pots of delicious instant noodle greatness. And who can fault Square Enix for teaming up with these guys? All you have to do is boil the water, pour the water into the cup at the indicated level, then set it aside for maybe five minutes before you tuck in. This article is totally not sponsored by Nissin at all!

    Reclaim your throne? Pish. Reclaim your lifetime supply of Cup Noodles more like. The villain of the game has taken away your stash of Cup Noodles that is yours by birthright. You sure as heck are not going to allow this decadent deceiver to feast on the very same noodles that you have spent hours hunting Behemoths for in order to acquire the meat to perfect on what is already a seemingly perfected recipe. Let's take back our Pot Noodles and make Nissin great again or something!

    Now if you excuse me, I am bloody starving right now.

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    1. Dionysos's Avatar
      Dionysos -
      Happy April Fools! Wait... It's December?!

      Oh it must be Japanese marketing instead. That's totally normal then. We can resume our lives without alarm.
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