• MogShop and Site Changes Feedback and Quiz

    Some of you may or may not have noticed that things have changed on FFF since the 10th anniversary. Our moogle helpers have been very busy!

    The moogles would like some feedback in order to assess how FFF’s changes have been received, and to discover how many members are familiar with the changes so far.

    To facilitate this we have created a small survey. If you fill it out then you shall earn CT for your efforts!

    Some questions are opinion based with no correct answer (these will score you points so long as you answer the question). Other questions are testing your knowledge of new features and MogShop items (for these you will only score a point if you get the answer correct).

    If you get 25/28 or more correct then you will earn 5 CT! Any other completed entries will score 3 CT.

    Feel free to open up the MogShop to help you with your answers if you wish.

    Please PM any completed surveys to Dionysos.


    MogShop and Site Changes Feedback and Quiz.

    1. Opinion: Out of all the new additions to the MogShop, which is your favourite item?

    2. Opinion: Is there an item that you would wish to see added to the MogShop that isn’t already there?

    3. Give an example of a situation where can you earn CT.

    4. Where in the MogShop would you go to buy access to the Cerberus Guild?

    5. When purchased, how long would your membership of the Cerberus Guild last for?

    6. Where would you go to buy sprites of Final Fantasy characters?

    7. What is ‘Build-a-Member’?

    8. How many Build-a-Member requests can be purchased each month?

    9. Where can you go to access the Mythology Manual?

    10. What purchasable item allows you to create a secondary character in a Dionysos-hosted event (such as the Treasure Hunt and Haunted House)?

    11. How often can you earn CT for article comments (on articles other than the Mythology Manual)?

    12. Name the two ways you earn CT on the Mythology Manual?

    13. Opinion: How do you find the new section names?

    14. Formerly known as Guadosalam, which recently renamed forum section is the place for new members to introduce themselves?

    15. How would you go about purchasing the first part of the FFVII Remake in the MogShop?

    16. In the MogShop, where could you buy a ‘Chocobo Egg’?

    17. In which shop of the MogShop would you purchase an Emoji?

    18. Where would you go to purchase the item that grants you a Thread Bump?

    19. What does purchasing a ‘Stream Subscription’ entitle you to do?

    20. Each silver award is worth how much CT and GP?

    21. How much CT and GP reward can you earn for collecting 5 bronze awards?

    22. In your own words (no copy/paste), what is the Forum Active Time Event (FATE)?

    23. Where can you find the Gift Shop? Give two scenarios for when it's okay to gift members 1 CT.

    24. Opinion: Do you think that the CT pricing in MogShop is reasonable? If not, please be specific.

    25. Opinion: Do you think there's a balance or imbalance between the Gil and CT currency?

    26. Opinion: Which items would you like to see on sale in the future?

    27. Opinion: Do you think that the site changes improve FFF?

    28. Opinion: Is there anything that you would do differently to improve FFF?
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