• In New FFXV Promo, Square Enix Teams Up With...Epic Meal Time?

    After a full decade in and out of development, Final Fantasy XV is finally releasing in just a few more months, and everyone at Square Enix HQ is absolutely giddy with excitement. While the real party won't take place until the game officially goes gold, it doesn't hurt to indulge a little bit beforehand, right?

    Ok, or maybe a lot.

    Food plays a big role in FFXV. Meals will be a regular occurrence throughout the game, and will require certain ingredients in order to create dishes that offer desirable stat boosts and status effects. And in the YouTube world, no one knows food like Epic Meal Time.

    Thus one of the most random cross-promotions ever was born. Square Enix invited the Canadian crew out to Japan to enjoy some Final Fantasy XV delicacy and even create their own take on one of the game's most outlandish culinary creations: a massive multi-layer hamburger that would cost upwards of $90 to create in the real world.

    It's a silly collaboration, but it's hard not to smile at how genuinely excited the game's development staff is at nearing completion of the project. Going overboard is what Epic Meal Time does best, and while this may actually be one of their tamer appearances, for any Final Fantasy fan who's been waiting a decade to see Noctis and co in action, it may also be one of the most—er, satisfying.
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