• Members Can Now Earn CT with Article Comments!

    As the FFF launches its new currency and reward system, the staff is pleased to introduce yet another way for members to earn community tokens, or CT, which can be exchanged for all sorts of special perks like colored usernames, custom smileys, and more. (Click here for full currency details)

    Starting today, leaving a front-page article comment of approximately 50 words or more will net members 1CT for their participation. Comments must be on-topic and generally show some thought to be eligible for earning CT. In other words, spam doesn't count.

    CT for comments will be handed out weekly at the start of each week. CT will be awarded per week, not per comment or per article. However, that's not to say additional comments will not be rewarded!

    On top of earning their 1 CT a week, consistent commenters will be eligible to receive a Kudos award which can be combined with other bronze milestone awards to redeem even more CT and a handful of GP too! This award is reserved for only the most active and thoughtful commenters and will be given out at the discretion of the staff, not determined by specific criteria.

    To keep things fair and simple, this update will not be applied retroactively, meaning existing comments and new comments on existing articles will not earn CT. Instead, all future articles (after this one) will qualify for as long as they remain on the front page.

    So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start commenting!
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    1. Mitsuki's Avatar
      Mitsuki -
      Now the only question is...when is the next SE article coming out?!

    1. Linnaete's Avatar
      Linnaete -
      I have been going on an unauthorised strike. Sue me.

      (Yes, I'm doing a catch-up one now. Hold on.)
    1. Dionysos's Avatar
      Dionysos -
      Just thought I should add that the requirements for earning CT on Mythology Manual articles are slightly different.

      There will also be 'activities' themed around Mythology Manual topics where members can gain further CT.

      See here:
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