• Meet KupoCon, FFF's new affiliate, kupo!

    Kweh-y. When has Final Fantasy Forums last had an affiliate? Way too long ago is the answer. It may have even been eight or nine years ago, when the website was still but a wee hatchling. Let's change that, because we now have a potential new affiliate in the form of KupoCon! Let's discover who they are, what they offer and where they're hiding their pompom, kupo!

    Who or what is KupoCon?
    KupoCon is an unofficial initiative; it is a fan gathering/convention for Final Fantasy fans big and small (yes, including the Lalafells). The aim is to gather as many fans as possible in one place to meet, greet and socialise, while also sharing a love for a series we have all either grown up with, or have only recently become acquainted with.

    The plan is to have KupoCon events occur in 2017, in both North America and Europe. Locations planned so far will be New York and London respectively. At this juncture, the lead organiser of KupoCon, Alex Maine, who has an account on this website under the name of KupoCon, wishes to extend his hand to various Final Fantasy communities around the world wide web and garner a network of affiliates to secure much success in kickstarting KupoCon next year. Let us wish him the best of luck and support him where we can!

    As of now, there is no word yet on whether New York or London will come first. There are many months of 2016 left to go and the planning stage is fervently continuing, but imminent updates shall be forthcoming by the organisers.

    Alex has already made a thread in the Final Fantasy section of our forums for any further details of the events. See here.

    Useful links
    If you want to explore further what KupoCon is planning and what lies on the horizon:





    Interested parties, come take a gander at their website and maybe sign up for a newsletter! While cosplaying is stated to be optional, any interested attendees who still wish to astound the folks of London and New York with their remarkable glamour have plenty of time before then to get working on a costume!
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