• Congrats to our new FF moderators (iSmiff and shivas)!

    Please give a hearty congratulations to our two new Final Fantasy moderators, shivas and iSmiff!

    shivas has only been with the site for a year but has quickly shown herself to be a dedicated Final Fantasy fan, and her enthusiasm for this community shall be valuable.

    And iSmiff, the mighty Smifftuar, has a cool, approachable personality, and a love for Final Fantasy.

    The noble Smifftaur. Warning: a bit prickly.

    shivas drawing her FFXIV character on her homework again.

    It's good to have them both on board, and there are many reasons why we're confident that these two will be both do a grand job and be a friendly presence as members as staff. Please applaud and welcome them to their new positions.

    shivas (Tami) is known on Final Fantasy XIV and active with the crew, as well as her amazing artwork that you can find here. iSmiff (Aston) meanwhile will be there if you're interested in building your own PC and would like advice. And for a Counterstrike online game if you dare.

    The staff would also like to thank all members who have applied for this position. It faced considerably more competition than expected and the applications as a whole have been solid.
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    1. shivas's Avatar
      shivas -
      I'm honored to be part of the team! and I hope I'll meet your expectations
    1. Linnaete's Avatar
      Linnaete -
      Congratulations, you two! Well deserved!

      As a welcome gift, I have captured some sacrificial spambots for you to ban. They're currently stored in the prison cells somewhere, I dunno. They've not been fed.
    1. Rey's Avatar
      Rey -
      Looks like it was a long and difficult process or lots of staff members were busy. Congratulations to you both! I hope to see the FF section thrive once FFXV releases.
    1. Shaissa's Avatar
      Shaissa -
      Congrats to you two!
    1. Soulcorruptor's Avatar
      Soulcorruptor -
      congrats to both of yas
    1. Six's Avatar
      Six -
      Congratulations, guys. I'm very happy to see you two on board.

      Mitsuki would like me to say congratulations to the both of you!
    1. Paddy McGee's Avatar
      Paddy McGee -
      Congratulations guys!! Great to have you on board.
    1. Setzer Gabbiani's Avatar
      Setzer Gabbiani -
      Congratulations Ismiff and Shiva! We are glad to have you as a part of the team.
    1. Ross's Avatar
      Ross -
      Congratulations guys!
    1. classicgamer's Avatar
      classicgamer -
      Congrats you two. I'm not as big of fan as you two, but still a fan, that is up to VI
    1. FinalxxSin's Avatar
      FinalxxSin -
      Congrats shivas and iSmiff.
    1. Galadín's Avatar
      Galadín -
      Now it's a party! Congrats you two, very happy to have you on the team. I look forward to working with you guys.

    1. GothicSyn's Avatar
      GothicSyn -
      Congrats to you both guys!
    1. Mitsuki's Avatar
      Mitsuki -
      I didn't even get to post yet, but congrats you two! Right around the 10th year mark too, so that's pretty awesome! I know you guys will do a great job.

      And thank you to everyone else who applied - really, it means a lot when you guys continue to show your growing support and interest here. =]
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