• Kingsglaive FFXV: new scans and character names

    New scans are out for Kingsglaive, the recently announced full-length CG motion picture from March's Uncovered event. Some names debut for previously unnamed characters who will join King Regis and movie protagonist Nyx in a move to drive out the invading Niflheim forces and to protect the last crystal remaining in the world.

    Known characters so far:

    - Nyx Ulric - member of the Kingsglaive and the main protagonist of the film; voiced by Aaron Paul
    - Drautos - also a member of the Kingsglaive. He may have stolen half of Genesis's wardrobe
    - Crowe Altius - if this Instagram page and IMDB are correct, her model and voice actor is Andrea Tivadar.
    - Luche Lazarus
    - Libertus Ostium - these names, lol
    - Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII - king of Insomnia; Noctis's father; voiced by Sean Bean
    - Lunafreya Nox Fleuret - oracle; former princess of Tenebrae; Noctis's betrothed; voiced by Lena Headey.
    - Ardyn Izunia - Niflheim Chancellor and second to the Emperor; voiced by Edward Saxby

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    1. Shaissa's Avatar
      Shaissa -
      I am really beginning to wonder if this could have been cheaper just making it live action with cgi planted into it versus making these people look so real that I can barely tell it is CGI... I just hope this is a good movie... Square doesn't really have a history of good movie making skills in the past...
    1. Rey's Avatar
      Rey -
      Crowe rather reminds me of some chick from Hogwarts but the others look a bit bland. Designs are a bit meh, though, but let us hope these characters will have different perspectives in the game so that the movie is not forgotten. This movie has lots of potential to be something great and that may inspire SE to make more FF films in the future.
    1. Linnaete's Avatar
      Linnaete -
      Brief couple of clips of the Japanese dubbing work for some of the characters: Nyx, Drautos, Luna and senior King Ned Stark:

      If the lip syncing looks off, it is likely because the performance capture work was done with western actors reading to the English script. It just looks like the Japanese was dubbed over for these titbits.

      I say the CG work looks phenomenal, but you know what that means when you strive for more realism. You eventually hit the uncanny valley!
    1. daredevil's Avatar
      daredevil -
      nyx has a mullet???????????

      crowe looks amazing tho

      i don't understand, why not use facial capture on their games, too? i already feel so much more engrossed by what they're saying and I can't even speak Japanese. ff games usually have such stiff expressions and after looking at this, the standard has been raised. i wish they had done this with the vii remake.
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