• You're Invited: Join us for the Final Fantasy Forums' 10th Anniversary Birthweek Celebration!

    It's almost that time of year again--that time when the earth has made one more full rotation around the sun and we commemorate it by adding +1 to an ever-climbing number called 'age'. Almost sounds depressing when you think about it, but hey-ho, that's why we throw in cake and presents too, yes? And that especially goes for the really big numbers--like, say, 10 for instance!

    That's right, the Final Fantasy Forums is turning 10 years old next month...and you're invited to the celebration! This June will feature our most special Birthweek yet, complete with an array of contests and prizes to be announced at a later date. Why not now? Because this time you get to help decide! What sort of competitions do you want to participate in? Something new? An old favorite? Have a burning idea for a really great prize? Well, don't blow that candle out just yet--leave all your thoughts and ideas in the comments below and your request might just make it into the roster!

    Stay tuned for June, and please be excited!

    Spoiler! Bonus: check out what the FFF looked like 10 years ago!
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    1. shivas's Avatar
      shivas -
      i'm sooooo pumped for this!! cannot wait!
    1. .Mosh's Avatar
      .Mosh -
      10 Whole years, man time flies by I look forward to this birthweek.
    1. Rey's Avatar
      Rey -
      Looking forward to this as a historical member of the site.
    1. Mitsuki's Avatar
      Mitsuki -
      Would anyone like to see the FFF member awards again? I think we skipped that last year.
    1. Rey's Avatar
      Rey -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mitsuki View Post
      Would anyone like to see the FFF member awards again? I think we skipped that last year.
      Of course, Mits. It is tradition. I wouldn't mind seeing them again but it is up to you.
    1. BustaMo's Avatar
      BustaMo -
      I miss the old staff colors.
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