• And the Winner of the Final Fantasy XV Giveaway is...

    Happy Monday! Or at least it will be a happy Monday for one lucky member of the community! For the past five days entries into the FFF's first ever giveaway have rolled in, and then precisely at midnight all the names were tallied up and put into a random generator to choose who would receive Final Fantasy XV when it releases on September 30! It was a close contest, with many members snagging all the possible tickets to put their name into the virtual hat, but now at last we have our winner.

    You ready for it? Drumroll please...


    LadyJamie178, aka Miki Kayoi!

    Congratulations to our winner, and thanks to all who entered! We'll be in touch with LadyJamie soon to determine platform and delivery, and then it'll just be a matter of 5 months until Final Fantasy XV is in her hands!
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    1. Belazor et Britannia's Avatar
      Belazor et Britannia -
      Rigged, I demand a recount!
    1. Davey Gaga's Avatar
      Davey Gaga -
    1. Six's Avatar
      Six -
    1. LadyJamie178's Avatar
      LadyJamie178 -
      Late to see this but Yay! Thank you so much!
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