• Win a Copy of Final Fantasy XV in the FFF Uncovered Event Giveaway!

    You read the title correctly, ladies and gentlemen! Tonight's the big night for Final Fantasy XV fans, and in celebration of the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event being put on by Square Enix in LA, the Final Fantasy Forums will be running a live blog with commentary from our own members--and now you can participate as well! We have one copy of Final Fantasy XV reserved to give away to one lucky member of this very community just for tonight's event. Interested? Then listen closely, because here's how it goes:

    The live blog for the Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event will begin tonight, March 30 at 7:00pm PST. Members of the FFF will have from then until midnight April 3--our Free Company's 1st birthday--to enter for a chance to win a copy of Final Fantasy XV on Xbox One or PS4 in one of a few ways, each of which will grant the user one ticket in a random drawing:

    1) Leave a comment on the live blog article! Comments made during the live blog will be counted for two tickets. Note that this is comments on the live blog article, not shoutbox comments (and not this article, either)!

    2) Send us a tweet @FFForums with the hashtag #FFFGiveaway!

    3) @Mention our Facebook page, @Final Fantasy Forums, with the hashtag #FFFGiveaway on Facebook!

    4) Retweet/share the FFF giveaway post on either Twitter or Facebook! Share on both for one ticket each!

    Again, contestants can enter by all four methods for a grand total of six possible tickets in the drawing. Duplicate entries will not be counted, and of course, you must be a member of the FFF at the time of entry to participate!

    At the end of April 3 we'll be in contact with our winner to determine which platform they'd prefer, and come Final Fantasy XV release day--which we'll learn at the event tonight--one copy of Final Fantasy XV will be sent straight their way!

    I hope you'll join us tonight for the FFF's first ever live blog and giveaway! .Mosh and I will see you there!
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    1. Soulcorruptor's Avatar
      Soulcorruptor -
      well why I didn't comment yet, well had dinner and ready for this.
    1. Soulcorruptor's Avatar
      Soulcorruptor -
      so exciting
    1. SWJS's Avatar
      SWJS -
      People always throw big parties for things like New Years, but not me. Events like this, E3, and the VGA's are my biggest holidays!
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