• Final Fantasy XV Uncovered - Watch it live, here! [FINISHED]

    It's finally happening: after a full ten years of gestation, Final Fantasy XV is making it's biggest appearance yet and getting the release date we've all been anxious to have for so long. The event is going down in LA this evening, and you can watch it live right here in both YouTube and Twitch streaming formats! Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV will begin at 7:00pm PST, so set your clocks accordingly or check the countdown in the YouTube stream above to catch all the action as it happens.

    The event will be hosted by Greg Miller and Tim Gettys of former IGN fame, and promises to be a 'behemoth' event with all sorts of new announcements above and beyond just a release date. Whatever Square Enix has up their sleeves, they've never made a marketing effort like this for one individual Final Fantasy game before, so you can be sure you won't want to miss it!

    And be sure to stick around the FFF as well--we'll have a live blog right here hosted by myself and our very own .Mosh plus community chat all evening long! Also, we have one copy of Final Fantasy XV reserved to give away to the community! Check the full giveaway post for details on how to enter!

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    1. Soulcorruptor's Avatar
      Soulcorruptor -
      so do we leave comments for the giveaway here?
    1. AuronX's Avatar
      AuronX -
      Quote Originally Posted by soulcorruptor View Post
      so do we leave comments for the giveaway here?
      Yes sir! Though technically it doesn't start for another hour an a half
    1. Konoe Mercury's Avatar
      Konoe Mercury -
      The hype is real.
    1. Belazor et Britannia's Avatar
      Belazor et Britannia -
      Give me the game, you swines.
    1. Soulcorruptor's Avatar
      Soulcorruptor -

      so why not put it in here now for the live stream
    1. Harlequin's Avatar
      Harlequin -
      Listening in as a raid
    1. SWJS's Avatar
      SWJS -
      People always throw big parties for things like New Years, but not me. Events like this, E3, and the VGA's are my biggest holidays!
    1. Shace is Great's Avatar
      Shace is Great -
      This is amazing!
    1. Soulcorruptor's Avatar
      Soulcorruptor -
      So I got my two entries right?
    1. LadyJamie178's Avatar
      LadyJamie178 -
      I'm so excited!
    1. AuronX's Avatar
      AuronX -
      Quote Originally Posted by soulcorruptor View Post
      So I got my two entries right?
      You did indeed

      And just to be clear, everyone who posted here between 6:00pm and 8:25pm PST will be counted for two tickets. There's a bit of a discrepancy in the official rules stating that the event started with the livestream at 7:00pm PST, because technically the stream started at 6:00pm and that's when the liveblog went live as well, so we'll take all those entries into consideration.

      You can still get one ticket for the contest by commenting on this article, just the opportunity for double tickets has ended along with the show (and wow, what a show it was)!
    1. Davey Gaga's Avatar
      Davey Gaga -
    1. LovingOfLightning's Avatar
      LovingOfLightning -
      In before the gate closes! No PS4, but I have people who have one and if there was ever a better time to introduce them to the series by basically taking over their house and using up their electricity, then quite frankfly I'd like to see that better time!
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