• Next FFXV Active Time Report due on the 30th for NA; 31st for EU. Also, new screenshots.

    The next Active Time Report for Final Fantasy XV will be live on Square Enix's Presents channel on the 30th of this month (at least for North Americans). For the rest of the world, it will be the 31st. It will air with English subtitles at 11:00PM EST/8PM PST (31st January at 4:00AM GMT).

    This event will feature a brief look at the antagonists of the game: the expansionist Niflheim Empire. Also shown will be new footage demonstrating how magic will work in this game. To close the show will be preliminary details on what to expect for the March event, where a release date disclosure for the game is promised.

    Also included are new screenshots. Magic is far more unpredictable in this game. It is capable of devastating damage not just to enemies, but to any ally caught in its radius. Also shown is Solid Noctis as he seeks to sneak into a facility and take down Metal Gear without a handy cardboard box.

    Nova Crystallis
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    1. Rey's Avatar
      Rey -
      Nice to have the screenshots in full and they look amazing. The fire looks incredibly detailed, for instance. Looks like SE will be doubling up the FFXV news, and we have FF XIV this weekend. It is a good weekend for SE news. We have The FFXV ATR, FFXV at Taipei game show on the 31st, and then FFXIV’s live letter. Thank god for English subtitles!
    1. AuronX's Avatar
      AuronX -
      Is it just me, or did environments take a hit visually? Characters and effects look fine, but the terrain and architecture looks rather disappointingly low-detail. Look at the field for instance--very short LOD distance, foliage is sparse and the base ground texture is low-res, not to mention unshaded. It seems better in some shots than others though, so hopefully these are just early. Looking forward to the ATR, in any case.
    1. Linnaete's Avatar
      Linnaete -
      It could just be a case of bad screenshots and it may look considerably better and less noticeable in motion, but yes, you're right. The foreground looks amazing visually, but you can't avoid noticing the grass quickly turning into a muddy green texture (with random clumps of actual grass here and there) barely ten feet away from what is happening in front of the camera. It's kind of jarring and looks flat overall, as if the build they were running on had to sacrifice the background for all the fancy magic effects in the foreground.

      Prompto's arse on fire is the best part and I didn't notice it until someone pointed it out.

      No way am I staying up past 4am just to watch this even on a Saturday night/Sunday morning, so someone else feel free to do the write-up on the day. o/
    1. daredevil's Avatar
      daredevil -
      I noticed the terrain looked strange, too. Other than that, it looks great.
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