• Final Fantasy XV: a quick glimpse at magic and combat

    A scan of the latest Jump magazine issue provides a brief glimpse at how magic will look in Final Fantasy XV.

    Unlike in previous games where your offensive spells are only malign to enemies (unless you deliberately turn the spell on your own party members), magic in this game is liable to create uncontrollable infernos. A use of fire magic in dry, grassy plains will likely erupt into a wildfire that can just as easily damage friends and foe alike.

    Though it can be hard to make out in the scan, one such enemy is an enemy Magitek construct.

    The combat of FFXV will revolve mounting monsters and tactically reducing their strength. It is possible to attack monsters in the air by jumping at them. Noctis can also utilise stealth in what appears to be Niflheim enemy territory for a dose of Solid Snake action - cardboard box not included.

    There is supposed to be an Active Time Report for this month (which is expected to cover Niflheim and offer us a look at the game's imperial antagonists), but there is still yet no word as to when it will take place. The next Famitsu issue is set to have a further little look at the game, so expect that next week.

    Final Fantasy XV, if one needs to be reminded, is penciled in for a 2016 release for PS4 and Xbox One.

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    1. Sprout's Avatar
      Sprout -
      Being able to mount enemies eh? Never saw that in the demo. Shall be interesting to see 'cause I'm imagining Shadow of the Colossus style bosses now .

      Magic being able to go out of control and hurt your own party is realistic, as magic goes. I think if there's a choice of where stats are used then I may go down the mage route on the first run. Maybe.
    1. Shaissa's Avatar
      Shaissa -
      Magic that actually can hurt your party.... This...sounds like a very bad idea unless you can control everyone in your party at all times, you are hoping that when you use a fire magic that the AI will get out of the way in time or that the enemy monster doesn't get too close to you to hurt you... some might say it adds an element of strategy, but I think it will just turn me away from magic use in the game overall then....
    1. Rey's Avatar
      Rey -
      I saw this in the morning and I was in awe. Now I know why they were keeping magic a surprise because it seems damn powerful just by looking at the scan. A whole wildfire means this isn't something you get at the beginning of the game, and I like that. It looks like a very powerful technique that is best saved for strong monsters, and dare I say, magic is likely a huge part of the story. I mean these guys don't look proficient in magic at all, therefore Noctis probably learns different magic at points in the story. Oh man, I can't wait to have a tsunami like water spell. I like the idea of magic hurting you in the process. It really adds a risk and reward to the action. I cannot think of any game where magic actually can destroy scenery, therefore this excites me.
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