• GFX Clans Reboot 2014


    So... Some of you may have missed what has been going on in the Clans these passed few months. Some are new, some of you were there. I’ll go ahead and give you all an index of what will be covered in this article.

    1. Why did we take a break?
    2. What’s been going on in the mean time?
    3. Explanation of the new sign-up system & user-groups
    4. Introducing the Clan Points system and its benefits.
    5. Sneak preview of Clan Achievements.

    1. First things first. Few months ago, October to be exact, we closed down the GFX Clans. With a lack of active GFX Artists, Galadin and I came to the conclusion that it was about more than just the activity levels. We needed more active graphic artists, but we also saw problems with the outdated system, the callout and clan challenge combinations only. There wasn’t really much more to do.

    2. While the Clans were shut down, Galadín and I got to work. We’ve been brainstorming new ideas, new systems, new rewards, you name it. It took a while to smooth things over, but we think that what we have so far, was worth the wait.

    3. For example, no more Clan passwords. We’ve introduced a new sign-up system that is more user-friendly, and gives you access to the Clans from anywhere you sign in. No more PM messages to keep track of with the latest password update. You must first use the sign up thread in the GFX Clan-house before proceeding with the next step...

    So, why is there still a Sign-Ups thread? --- Well, it doesn’t all have to be 'click and accept’, sometimes giving more insight on your personal pros and cons, your experience level, and providing some graphics gives the Clan leaders more insight on which Clan would suit you best.

    Settings > My Account > Permission Groups

    4. “CP” - also known as “Clan Points”. From now on, the Clans will be working with their own exclusive points, along with their own Graphics vBShop. Ex: winning Gil prizes with Clan Challenges have now been replaced with winning Clan Points.

    Fear not, those of you that still prefer Gil and the normal vBShop - there is a bank thread where you can exchange your CP for Gil. Mention a Clan Leader and they will get right to it for you. Trust me though, the GFX vBShop will be full of neat and exclusive items, it’ll be worth checking out! (Gift cards anyone?!)

    5. To make things a little bit more interesting, we’ve created Clan Achievements. A nicely filled list where bonus CP can be earned. Without giving too much away...

    Not only can you gain bonus CP here, but there is also unlockables. For those of you curious to find out what there is to unlock... Make sure to stack up on your points and achievements to find out!

    With that, I hope I have informed you enough and poked some interest. We are opening the sign-up threads on January 6th, which falls on a Monday. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. If you prefer to do so privately, please send me a PM.
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