• [31/07] GFX News

    Welcome to yet another update on Spira's GFX Section!

    Let me start by saying that I am extremely proud of our GFX community. We’ve hit a low point with activity for a while now, but it seems that we’re slowly making our way back up. For example, the callout section has been pretty booming this week! SOTW having a total amount of 6 entries, while it’s been hitting 3 or 4 at the most for a while. If that doesn’t scream “Activity!”, I don’t know what does.

    Eclectic Artistry, while on hold for a short amount of time, has now gained a new Clan leader. I would like to take a moment to welcome Galadín to the Clan leading team, even though she has already been working hard on revamping EA since the day she started! Talk about being inspirational and dedicated!

    There are a few other things you guys might wanna know...

    SOTW 60 Guidelines

    The guidelines have gone up a bit later than usual this week. Even though we have two days less to make our entries, I’m confident we’ll at least have enough time to have a decent voting!

    Make sure you join in! Submit your entries to Six before Saturday the 3rd.

    Guidelines are found here: http://www.finalfantasyforums.net/th...-60-Guidelines

    Clan Challenges

    Some of you may have noticed that, instead of bi-weekly Challenges, we figured giving people more time to finish their entries would be beneficial for the Clans at this time. We’ve gone ahead and given the Clan Challenge Guidelines a timeline of a month.

    This month’s theme is Freestyle pieces. Make sure you get your entries in on time! You can find the whos and whats down below.

    Clan Challenge #18 Guidelines: www.finalfantasyforums.net/threads/58289-GFX-Clans-Clan-Challenge-18-Guidelines


    A few Callouts are being held at the moment. If Clan members are looking for something to do, feel free to join in on one of them, or make one of your own!

    We’re also holding a few votings at this moment, so if you can spare a minute, go check out the voting threads and cast your vote! Of course, it’s always appreciated if you can also find the time to leave a little feedback for the GFX artists!

    DeviantArt pages

    Last but not least, we’ve created two DeviantArt pages for both Eclectic Artistry and Live in Colour. At this moment, we’re not sure what the planning is for these accounts, but we do know that we’re looking to put time and effort into these pages. There are a lot of possibilities, which makes it hard to narrow down exactly what these DA accounts will be about. We’re considering displaying winning Clan Challenge pieces, starring artist of the month on our own pages, and perhaps do a “Monthly Favourite” showcase.

    At this moment, the Clan leaders will be responsible for the DA pages, and until we’re actually going to invest time into them, it will remain this way. When everything is up and running, the Clan leaders can decide if they want co-owners to help run the DA accounts. This is all still up in the air, and we can’t give any solid details yet other than that the start of the planning is there.

    Thanks for reading, and until next time!

    Any questions regarding this update go to @ Six.
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