• [30/5] GFX News

    Welcome to FFF's GFX News.

    With a lot of feedback from our graphics community I've been able to put together a solid piece of news for our well known section in Spira. So, allow me to say thank you to all of those that gave me their suggestions, feedback and even encouraged the idea to write news articles for the GFX section to begin with.

    We couldn't have picked a better time to start with the GFX news... As the time for cracking your knuckles with ending semesters is coming around - all has taken a slow but steady pace in the GFX section which has given us the time to clean out the sections, merge, move and make sure that the sections are properly divided, giving you a clear view of what goes on 'where' in Spira.

    Here's a short overview of our current sub-forums in the Graphics Reverie.

    GFX Competitions: Where you can hold non clan related Callouts, Challenges, Collaboration competitions, basically anything GFX competitive wise that doesn't require for you to be in a Clan, or have a set deadline by the moderators for SOTW.

    The GFX Lounge:
    General talk with your fellow GFX artists, asking for help, writing tutorials... All of that happens in this sub-forum. The GFX Lounge contains: The Gallery, Help Service, Resources, and Tutorials as sub-forums, where you can display, find handy resources, or look up tutorials made by our own graphic artists and those outside the Final Fantasy Forums.

    Requests: This section is mainly for the non-GFX artists, or those of you that need help rendering, want a fellow artist to make a set for you, etc. Here you can also find the GFX shops. Shops owned by GFX artists that allow you to request from them with specific details.

    The main Graphics Reverie is for posting your GFX threads and having them open for Constructive Criticism. Signature of the Week is displayed in the Sticky Threads.

    • SOTW

    Signature of the week has been around for a long time. As the Spira moderators, we are currently brainstorming fun new ideas to introduce to signature of the week, themes, prizes, button awards and the likes. The Hall of Fame is still a work in progress with getting it to display everything neatly in a way that suits our forum. You can check out the SOTW Hall of Fame here. [Clicky].

    • Clan Challenges

    Currently we're going on a small break. The Clan Challenges will return on Saturday May 11th, so be sure to check out the guidelines to get your entries in on time... There's also a nice extra bonus coming along with Clan Challenge 16, so make sure you don't miss it.

    Tune in next time to catch an interesting interview with one of our very own GFX artists....

    If you have any ideas / suggestions / graphic pieces that you would like to see covered in a news article, feel free to PM me with your input.

    Spira Moderator & Clan Leader
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