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  1. CGI Dragon Ball Z Characters - PART 3

    This one of Piccolo or perhaps a different Namekian has got to be one of my Favo's its surreal.
  2. Dead Island: Riptide (Update)

    I preordered this game and got it on April 25th (one day earlier than normal for EU)
    Got my BBQ Blade special weapon and a blueprint to make it. It consists of a Blade or Shovel as basic items and several items to light it on fire.

    Its just a "common" unfortunately but it has a high damage for an early weapon and it looks great. Lovely incentive for preordering. The ...

    Updated May 3rd, 2013 at 09:46 PM by Ohri-Jin

  3. I bought my ps3 initially for FFXIII Versus

    Well technically for CoD Modern Warfare 2 as well.
    I figured in the meantime Id play CoD I was majorly addicted to it.

    Word is Versus will be released on PS4 instead. I feel SE trolled the shit out of me.

    The Last Guardian might be moved to PS4 as well. Again trolled by Japan?

    More and more news about microtransactions implemented in games (as if weak dlc isnt bad enough), more and more streaming nonsense, more ...
  4. SE & Final Fantasy is officially dead to me.

    2012 is the year when Final Fantasy flatlined. Cardiac arrest when FFXIII-2 was announced. Versus could have resuscitated Final Fantasy but alas.

    FFXIII-3 is the grim reaper.

    All praisers go enjoy this new project. If you like inconsistent bullshit so be it. Soulless.

    FF games with few years of development like FFXIII-2 and FFXIII-3
    Should say enough, especially if they're one disc on xbox. You sheeple keeo falling ...
  5. Final Fantasy's Impact PART2

    I wasnt finished last time so therefore this new blog thingy.

    Last post we discussed:

    -Characters and their interaction (Main party)
    -Red Line is Good vs. Evil but only with your friends you can succeed
    -NPC's worth with interest dialogues

    This time I would like to talk about the amazing summons. Have you ever had the feeling you could call help from some badass monster/entity and how that would ...
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